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Boiling time: 3 – 4 min
Perfect combination of tomato, garlic and basil. Let your imagination free by creating special culinary suggestions!
Ingredients: Duram Wheat semolina ( glutenous), water basil, tomato, paprika, garlic
Contains wheat gluten

Net weight.: 500g.

Product Description

Cooking instructions: 
We put 500 gr. of our pasta in 1700 lt. of boiling water (or liquor of cooked meat) and then let them boil for 3-4 minutes. Afterwards we take the pot out of the heat, remove the water and pour into the pasta 100 gr. of olive oil (or fresh butter); we let them absorb liquids for 2-3 minutes.
This pasta can be served warm with our favorite sauce and some Antotyros cheese (or Kefalotyri cheese).
A basil pesto base sauce, or a tomato, garlic, oregano, and basil sauce could truly emphasize this pasta.
We can also boil your pasta for 2 minutes and follow up cooking by putting it into the oven with feta cheese and vegetables (check for the relevant recipe).

Nutrition declaration 100g
Energy 1538kJ/367kcal
Fat 0,6g
Of which saturated 0,13g
Carbohydrates 78,4g
Of which sugers 1,1g
Dietary Fibres 0,4g
Proteins 12,2g
Salt 0,19g