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Boiling time: 20 min
Kneaded with eggs, milk and meal, offering a unique, rich flavor. Ideal for pasta, it has excellent appearance which imposes its presence in a dish …
Ingredients: Duram Wheat semolina ( glutenous), eggs, milk, water
Contains wheat gluten

Net weight.: 500g.

Product Description

Cooking instructions:  
To make Gouvetsi we start by making a regular tomato sauce with meat in the oven, or in the pot. Afterward, we add 1500 ml. of water and by the time it boils we add 500 gr. of your Kritharaki <<Kritiki gi>>. After 20 minutes it is ready and perfectly served* with any cheese of your preference.
For the Kritharoto recipe, we start by frizzling vegetables with some olive oil. Then, we add 500 gr. of our Kritharaki <<kritiki gi>> and let it to be frizzled for 1minute. Consequently, we add 1700 ml of boiling water gradually, and by the time the water will be absorbed our Kritharoto is ready. Ideally, our Kritharoto needs to be juicy and served with your favorite cheese.

Nutrition declaration 100g
Energy 1538kJ/367kcal
Fat 0,6g
Of which saturated 0,13g
Carbohydrates 78,4g
Of which sugers 1,1g
Dietary Fibres 0,4g
Proteins 12,2g
Salt 0,19g