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Boiling time: 20 min
It contains yogurt and groat.
Ingredients: groats (glutenous), and milk, yoghurt
Contains wheat gluten

Net weight.: 500g.


Product Description

Cooking instructions: 

Into 2500 ml of boiling water (or liquor of meat) we add 200 gr. of our Ksinochondros << Kritiki Gi>> and we let it boil for 20 minutes, while we blend it throughout the course of boiling.
We can use this product to make:
• a soup with liquor of boiled meat*,
• a tomato sauce with potatoes, and onions,
• a tomato sauce with snails,
• a sauce for our pasta instead of minced meat,
• a tomato sauce to accommodate aubergines, okras or green beans,
• a stuffing in Gemista recipe instead of rice,
• a stuffing in crepes instead of minced meat.

Nutrition declaration 100g
Energy 1582kJ/378kcal
Fat 2,9g
Of which saturated 0,53g
Carbohydrates 78,6g
Of which sugers 1,5g
Dietary Fibres 1,3g
Proteins 13,4g
Salt 1,45g